How to Launch a Google Adwords Campaign

When you’re ready to launch a Google Adwords campaign, there are some things you need to know. Among these is whether to manually or automatically bid on keywords. Also known as “site-targeting”, you can show your ads to users who have visited your website in the past. This strategy, also known as remarketing, increases your conversion rates. To get started, download the Adwords software and follow the instructions.

Create ad groups

The first step in launching a successful Google Adwords campaign is to create ad groups. Ad groups at the Agence Adwords Qu├ębec are collections of related keywords that share one or more ads. To create ad groups, start with the core product or service of your business. Next, research keywords for these keywords using the Google Keyword Planner. After you have determined the keywords, write the ad for the group.

Automate or manually bid on keywords

The decision on whether to automate or manually bid on keywords in Google AdWords campaigns depends on the type of campaign you’re running. Automated bidding takes historical data and applies it to a specific keyword or ad group, whereas manual bidding simply uses the same data for the whole account. If you use both, the result will be the same: increased return on ad spend.

Creating ad copy

One of the most important elements of a successful campaign is a compelling ad copy. Regardless of how your ad looks, your copy should include keywords, your CTA, and a few benefits of your product or service. Your copy should be short and sweet and should include both your keywords and benefits of using your product or service. Always test your ad copy and monitor results. You can use ppc dashboards to monitor the performance of your ad copy and make necessary changes.

Targeting impression share

If you’re looking to maximize your ad spending, you should focus on targeting impression share in your Google Adwords campaign. Google has automated bidding that can ensure your ads are shown at the top of the page 70 percent of the time. You can apply this strategy to multiple accounts under one account manager. You’ll be glad you did when you discover the benefits. Below are some of the advantages of targeting impression share in a Google Adwords campaign.

Writing great ad copy

There are three key components of writing great ad copy. First, make sure it matches the searcher’s query. Google allows for up to three headlines and two descriptions, separated by a hyphen. In addition, you should avoid using too many exclamation points or repeated punctuation. Finally, keep the copy simple and direct. There are three ways to write great ad copy for Google Adwords campaigns.